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About Us

About Us

Green Road Animal Hospital was founded in the 1940's. Dr. Kelly Rehmer purchased the hospital in February of 2008. Since then Dr Rehmer has been remodeling the building inside and out, with more to come.

Our hospital's focus is on preventative medicine, internal medicine, dermatology, dentistry, surgery, geriatric and wellness medicine. We have state of the art diagnostics to keep up with cutting edge medicine. These diagnostics allow us to get an accurate and quicker diagnosis for your pet..

We offer CO2 Laser Surgery. Laser surgery reduces swelling, decreases bleeding, and decrease the chance of infection. This allows for a quicker recovery, and also reduces pain. Laser surgery is excellent for declaws, ablating warts, removing cysts and tumors.

Digital Radiography: we no longer have to develop xrays with a processor. With digital radiography it is done automatically through the computer. The images show much better detail, the images can be enhanced and manipulated. Digital images can also be sent via internet to a boarded radiologist for interpretation, with results in 24 hours or less.

Every animal undergoing a surgical procedure has preanesthetic blood work prior to the procecdure which is done on an in-house chemistry analyzer and CBC machine. Your pet is placed on a heated surgical table to maintain their body temp, their heart is monitored with an EKG monitor, a pulse oximeter measures O2 saturation, and a blood pressure cuff monitors their blood pressure. After surgery your pet returns to a recovery cage where they are placed under heated blankets and monitored until fully awake.

Dr. Kelly Rehmer

Dr. Kelly RehmerDr Rehmer grew up in Wickliffe Ohio, graduated from John Carroll University with a B.S., and Cleveland State with a M.S. In 2002, she received her DVM from Ross University, School of Veterinary Medicine. Her hobbies include playing several musical instruments and being with her dogs, cats and rabbit Sophie. She loves horseback riding and being outdoors. She is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association and Ohio Veterinary Medical Association.

Meet Stewy and Pickles

Meet our Staff Meet our Staff

Stewy is our kennel supervisor. He is very vocal about life in general, and is very happy to greet anyone that visits! He always has something to talk about.

Pickles is our kennel assistant. He follows Stewy everywhere! Pickles main goal is to admire and annoy Stewy all day.